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My friend asked me the other day to write a short piece on vintage clothing and I gave some heart felt response about clothes encapsulating history and our job to pass that history down to new generations.  As to how exaggerated this piece was for her sake is debatable, but what is true is that buying second hand is not just ethical, sustainable and cheap but COOL.

Second Hand does not limit and it does not have to be a niche, Ebay is a vessel for every brand under the sun, new or old. Everyone who knows me will know I am charity shop obsessed, 70% of my wardrobe are items under a fiver and it is those charity shop finds that your friends will comment on and more importantly, you’ve given to charity!  Saving money and making money is surely appealing to everyone. I have found whilst browsing in second hand stores designer bags, chanel shoes, amazing jewellery and what I have managed to prise out of my clutch and onto Ebay I have made hundreds for.

So I thought I could keep this thread going and hopefully inspire the fashionistas  out there to buy second hand by parading all my finds and sharing my bargains.

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