Holidaying in England

So this year my parents dropped the bomb shell that was we were holidaying in England. My initial thoughts concerned my pasty skin colour, but I was comforted from the realisation that I wouldn’t need to fret over my phone bill, we wouldn’t need to go through the ordeal that is the airport, and I wouldn’t feel like a cast member of Benidorm ordering a burger or chips in a restaurant.

Of course money is a huge factor in the decision too. I’m not saying I prefer a ‘staycation’ to lying on beach in the Bahamas with a cocktail, but in the current economic climate and with the tension of the Euro, I can see why holidaying on home turf is becoming increasingly more popular with Brits.

We seem to always require a plethora of things to do while on holiday but when we get there we will only move off the sun lounger to top up our drink. England has beautiful coastlines, Michelin starred restaurants, great walks and cultural gems. Not to mention if you wanted to go bungee jumping, rock climbing, or absailing there is the opportunity to, and more importantly there will be a voucher on Groupon that will let you do it for half the price!

Here are some pictures from our holiday in Cricket St Thomas in Somerset. With a population of 50, this sleepy town let us relax in its beautiful surroundings but a car enabled us to go and explore the rest of the region at our convenience.  Combined with the Olympic fever, I couldn’t feel more proud to be a Brit!