I have been really busy recently, so apologies for lack of posting. Apart from doing invoices (new office job), watching too much TV (revenge and homeland) and preparing to put my old wardrobe on ASOS marketplace (so I can buy a new wardrobe), I have been writing. Working for the new fashion company Swift London, my job is to blog about anything fashion or beauty related. The website isn’t quite finished yet, but i’ll post a sneak peak of some of the things to come – university fashion and nails! Plus I get to keep anything they ask me to review, which will hopefully be these Dior glasses I’ve got my eyes on at the moment.

PS If you’re doing Stoptober, good luck, me too! 

PPS My Recent Recommendations:

Wetherspoons just outside Liverpool Street Station – The decor and opulence of the place doesn’t suit the drink prices! Enjoy a cheap pint in luxury, (nb. luxury in comparison to all other Wetherspoons)

XOYO, Shoreditch. My friends and I ended up in this cosy underground bar/club the other week and although being the few just on alcohol as our drug of choice, a great place to go wild and have a dance. See http://xoyo.co.uk/ for gigs and what’s on.

Hell’s Kitchen, Brighton. Like sandwiches? Man do they pack them well in this deli in the lanes! Generous with the filling and with a large bread selection, make sure you pop in for some lunch. http://www.hellskitchendeli.co.uk/

And if you don’t watch homeland, click here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/homeland/4od

PPPS I don’t Recommend:

Putting vitamins in punch. It doesn’t prevent a hangover, it just makes it taste a bit funny.