Real Reality TV

Although clearly parodies, the twitter accounts of some soap stars has recently got me thinking. Why do we watch soaps? Are the characters even acting anymore after playing the same role day-in, day-out? Do they make us feel better about our lives? I’ve just watched the Eastenders omnibus and all I’ve concluded is that Cat is still, excuse my language, a slut, but that’s fine with Alfie because Alfie’s always played the nice one,  pregnancy and marriage are once again depressing, and Ben is still there – why? As the audience do we mind that the same themes are recycled again and again, or do we push it to the back of our minds because, well, what else would we do in that half an hour every day? It’s not just themes now though, Hollyoak’s got desperate apparently and Jacqui Dixon from Brookside is now their Diane O’Connor. Although seemingly ironic as that so blatantly underlines the artifice of the show, is this real reality TV?

We firmly believe that Jeremy Kyle is a bad reflection of our nation, but Eastender’s have consciously chosen to portray these  character’s lives that really are no better.

If this is our ‘reality’ it sure is depressing, I don’t know why so many people are hooked. I mean, I’m only watching Eastender’s to see Ian Beale come back looking like this…