My Week at LOOK magazine

 So I’ve just finished my week work-experience at LOOK magazine. I did a lot of researching, writing, emailing, editing, interviewing and transcripting. And the office was right next to Pret so I ate a lot of sandwiches.

The team were lovely and I now know for definite that I want to write for a magazine. I was working with the News and Features department and was given a lot of responsibility in the form of writing my first piece for a national magazine. Centered on Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie’s pre-wedding regimes, I was told to find a celebrity dermatologist who could give me some quotes to integrate into my mini-article on the celebs bizarre treatments. After working out how to use the phone on my desk, I managed to get hold of three skin specialists. This is when I went through my first hurdle/learning curb: how to tell someone you’re not using their quote. Luckily everyone was understanding due to the strict-time deadline I was under, but thank god I listened to my boyfriend who reminded me that if you’ve forgotten to send an email in the day, save the draft and send it in the morning, not at midnight!

The finalised version should be published in this week or next weeks LOOK, so when I get a copy I’ll be sure to post a picture on here. I made sure I gave them lots of heads, but I’m hoping they chose ‘Jen’s Pore-Performance’, punny.

As the Rob Patz and Kirsten ordeal has blown up and taken up most of the recent media coverage, LOOK decided to do a feature on celebrity affairs, ‘How Other Celeb Affairs Fared..’ I was in charge of finding celeb couples that had survived affairs, couples who had broken up due to affairs, and couples who had tried to make it work but in the end separated. As soon as I see the edited version in the magazine I’ll put a picture up of that too! But let’s hope it means people will start going a bit easier on Kirsten.

On Thursday I went to a LOOK cover shoot with Millie Mackintosh.  Of course Millie looked cover-shoot perfect thanks to the uh-mazing wardrobe and hair and make-up. And with a beautiful location and an amazing team, I’m sure the final pictures will look stunning. It was amazing to see such multi-tasking and whilst Millie was interviewed on her beauty secrets, hair extensions were being put in, make-up was being applied, breakfast was being served and her new dog Herby was being watered. The day went smoothly, and be sure you get a copy in a couple of weeks! (I didn’t get any goss about Stephen, aka Professor Green, but I did get a tasty Salmon lunch, ooh and a few sneaky pictures…)

The location – Stone House

Of course the bathroom had a piano in it…

Herby & Chris, Millie’s doggy and the lovely fashion intern

I rushed from the shoot in Lewisham to Soho as I was interviewing Alesha Dixon that evening at her Impulse Fragrance Launch! After topping up my lipstick and making sure I knew how to use the dictaphone, I walked past the paparazzi and into Soho House. There I was greeted by a group of middle-aged guys in hoodies who made a few flirty comments then asked if I wanted to join them for some champagne…After kindly refusing (and later realising it was Greenday, damnit) I walked into the Picture Room which was styled like an old-school sweet shop, filled with cup-cakes, champagne and all things pink. Although I didn’t have time to get my nails done courtesy of Impulse, I did get a goody bag with lots of treats inside. Alesha was looking gorgeous in a green shift dress accessorised with neon yellow belt and heels and was so lovely to chat to. My interview went great and when it’s published in LOOK i’ll put up the copy. I will exclusively say though that she said she likes a guy with a good bum….get crunching boys!  Oh, and I bumped into Hustle’s gorgeous Matt Di Angelo and Made In Chelsea’s Proudlock on the way home, which was a great end to a great evening.

I spent my final day typing up my interview and interviews with Danny from The Script and Tara Reid about the American Pie reunion, all of which you have to look forward to reading in the up and coming weeks. All in all, I had an amazing experience and I can’t wait for the day someone gives me the opportunity to do it as a full-time job!