Lots and lots has happened recently. Lots that you guys don’t know about because I have been neglecting my poor blog. Well, brace yourselves; the time has come for an update and a half.

Where to start. I’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Shortly after my last post I got invited for an interview for a start up company, Group Commerce. An American company specialising in e-commerce, they’d come over to London (and moved into a very nice office in Leicester Square [with a fully stocked drinks fridge]) to take over the daily deals market.

As an avid Groupon hater, of their writing style that is, I was sceptical of the position GC was offering – a copy writer. If you haven’t read Groupon copy you will get the jist from the great article below ->


But I went for the interview, in which I was given a laptop and 15 minutes and instructed to write a deal for a French restaurant. Using the word finesse and a joke about it being cheaper than a Eurostar ticket landed me the job! (I was also flattered to hear they’d been searching for a long time, so were happy to have finally found me too ;)).

So I have spent the last three months making some great new friends, having a lot of fun, becoming an independent woman, quitting smoking (two weeks clean bitches) and writing for Nectar, Evening Standard, Telegraph, OK magazine and Daily Express. I turned 22, drank a lot over Christmas, I had all my hair cut off on stage, travelled around the country, I partied a lot, met Borris, kind of joined a gym and I’m super excited about 2013.

Here are examples of the stuff I’ve been writing for those DYING to see. And more importantly, here’s some pictures of my last three months. (with some of my winter outfits too).







A sneak peak at one of my posts for Swift London, enjoy!

University is the ultimate make-over. And whether tweaking or completely reinventing your style, every student has to think carefully about how to fill that tiny new wardrobe. Suddenly without a school uniform, sports kit, or even a dress code, picking what to wear can seem dauntingly exposing.  And with nerves as popular with freshers’ as alcohol, let your style be the first to speak.

That isn’t to say that your university defines your style. If you go to Oxford you don’t have to wear Jack Wills, and just because 90% of the time you are hungover or slobbing about, Ugg boots are not the only student shoe. You can go to lectures wearing Tom Ford glasses with a knitted sweater, walk around campus in a velvet jacket with a leather-bound book, or go to Sainsbury’s in a dragon onesie. Find your style, in between all that ‘work’, wear it with confidence, and the friend requests will come pilling in.

But just in case you don’t feel like being completely independent straight away, here is a little help/inspiration for A/W 2012 students looks.

Don’t want to make too big a jump from school to university whilst looking the part in the library? Team sharp tailoring with girly socks to make a great ‘first-day’ impression. Plus if you’re in your second or third year and have realised the cost of heating, roll-neck jumpers have hit the runway just in time to keep you warm and complete any geek-chic outfit.

  We’ve already seen the army jacket take over festival season, now team with skinny jeans or leather trousers, bulky shoes and a beanie to take the indie look to campus. Prints are hot at the moment and don’t be shy with mixing them. Layer’s and padding are key this season, so you don’t need to be too picky with what you choose to wear, wear it all!

Lace and velvet are stable fabrics this winter and compliment leather-bound books perfectly. For those philosophical roll-up smoking bohemian eccentrics, team your disheveled yet classic style with the timeless shoe – the brogue.


To top it off, being a student means getting a good deal.  Uni-days has great discounts and offers and your student card will get you 10% off at most high-street shops. You’ll also find yourself with a lot of free time whilst at university, despite never having enough time to write that essay, so why not be creative. Buy a plain white t-shirt and experiment with tie-dye, or customise an old shirt with cute collar tips. Most importantly, have fun! x